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Captures the extraordinary vitality of the museum...
The Jerusalem Post

The Museum

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March 19, as of 12:00 PM (Link available for 72 hours)

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Monday, March 22, 7:00 PM

Ran Tal’s magnificent film The Museum, with its unprecedented look behind the scenes at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, isn’t a conventional documentary about the history of the museum, or its world class collection of 500,000 objects (including the Dead Sea Scrolls). It’s a lyrical work in and of itself, a poetic celebration of storytelling and humanity. Tal is one of Israel’s most accomplished and creative documentarians and his genius lies in revealing the essence of a place or an idea. Gorgeously photographed, poignant, and wry, The Museum artfully curates moments and details, introducing us to a diverse range of curators, artists, guards, and visitors from around the world, each with a story to tell.

Speaker: Simon Sibelman, Professor Emeritus of Judaic, Holocaust and Peace Studies at Appalachian State University, and former Executive Director of the Virginia Holocaust Museum

Documentary | 2017 | 74 minutes
Israel| English And Hebrew with Subtitles 
Directed by Ran Tal




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